Apparently I've been "bailing" out on doing the Little Star of the Month updates and I apologise for anyone who has been upset with how slow I've been in keeping up with these on a monthly basis. I am currently in the process of moving country and things have been insane for me since February when my husband returned to the US leaving me with a young baby to handle alone along with everything else that is involved with moving to another part of the world. As you're all parents of children the same age as mine I'm sure you can understand how stressful that actually is!

So I apologise to anyone who has felt like I've purposefully overlooked your turn with LSOTM or felt like I was being unfair in any shape or form. It has not been intentional. I never planned for LSOTM to be something that was stuck to religiously, but more of a light-hearted, fun aspect to the community that was changed/updated whenever I had a free moment from sticky baby paws!

Speaking of which, does anyone else have a kid who loves trying to shove their hands in all the wrong places when you're changing a poo-filled diaper? I think I use more baby wipes on his hands than on his bum during those times! ARGH!
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Friday Update

How far along are you 14 weeks. (a funny side note: considering that friday makes for a nice round number for me as far as tracking my weeks and days, it's amusing to me that I can never remember and always go check out a calendar I printed from a pregnancy site. maybe I can remember to mentally tick on each friday now.)

What symptoms are you experiencing? It happens every time and I forget it until it I cross some mysterious threshold, 2nd trimester means less exhaustion. Still pooped but it's no longer the end of the world. Everything else is tho'. Been especially loony/emotional this week.

Any Dr. appointments this past week? Nope.

Anything big happening in you personal life I've officially given up on nursing the twins (at least that is my decision, we'll see if it holds) it has caused me a lot of heartache, but I need to stop. Just too hard in many ways.

Any questions? Nope.

Any food cravings? Lemons and citrus.

Tell us you favorite thing about your pregnancy this week. Having some energy.
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Weekly Update.

How far along are you? Technically 15 weeks today but the ultrasounds are telling me I'm past that.

What symptoms are you experiencing? Well I'm up at 6am so it's definitely nausea. My system always gets out of whack when I have to get up early. I also have been getting lower back pains.

How are you feeling? Horridly tired!!

Any Dr. appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go? No, I have one today at 3pm. Hence me being conscience at 6am. It shouldn't be anything important though. Next month will be the one I should find out the gender and get another ultrasound :) Chad is coming to this one and the next one though :) After our scare last month when he couldn't find the heartbeat, Chad decided he doesn't want to be stuck at work if I ever text him in a panic again...

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, etc..): No. We get the keys to our place next week.

Any questions you want to ask? Nah.

Any food cravings? Chicken. I had Popeyes last night. It gave me nightmares.

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week! Nothing. It's been an uneventful week.
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Update - Two Days Late!

How far along are you? I'm supposed to be at 14w2d today but my ultrasounds have been telling me later even as far as 15w1d so I don't know honestly.

What symptoms are you experiencing? I got my first charlie horse the other day. I woke up around 4am like I always do and I didn't want to pee, I just wanted to roll in my bed because I was glad I still had another 3 hours. I wiggled my toes and it sent the most horrible cramp I've ever felt in my lower legs! It lasted 10 minutes. I had to walk on it to pee and that caused my leg to be sore well into the start of my work day :( I also get little pains in my hip areas when I twist slightly. It's just sometimes. But um...I still throw up every 2-3 days or so but the nausea is subsiding. I just throw up because of my tooth paste and vitamins now it seems.

Any Dr. appointments this past week? No, but I have one this coming Friday :)

Anything big happening in you personal life? My work is making me work over-time, I have two classes with lots of labs and reports, and I'm about to get the keys to our new townhouse (April 21st). So I'm stressed and busy... Sigh. Oh and I got my first belly rub by my boss on Friday. I guess it's becoming really apparent.

Any questions? Are your cats becoming freaks? My female cat follows me around and lays on my stomach and back now. She was on my back earlier so I farted and she sniffed my butt. I'm such a lady....

Any food cravings? Oh jeez. I crave a grilled chicken ceasar salad from Wendys like every single day with some caffeine free root beer. I was a vegetarian before I got pregnant >.>; The baby wants meat, meat, and meat. So I'm guessing I'm having a boy and maybe the anti-christ.

Tell us you favorite thing about your pregnancy this week. Nothing really. I thought I felt the "indigestion" and "butterflies" associated with feeling the baby kick but it might have just been indigestion and butterflies. Who knows?

Belly pics? Yeah, sure. I've been trying to empty our camera but it's so full it makes my computer crash! It has honeymoon pictures and stuff on it from October 2009.
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So I found myself a great OB clinic and found out I'm a week behind on my due date :(. Also that i might even be further behind on it then what they thought. I go in on the 15th to find out if they can hear the heart beat and if not then i will be getting a o/s to find out when i am really due lol.
so as of today they think I am 10w2d

I have been much better though now but still can't stand the smell of things. Though my pregnancy is going well my asthma is going down hill and i been to the hospital 2 times in the last 2 weeks for it. I am praying things get better.

Oh ya and my MIL is a total Twitch! She cursed my husband out when she found out i was pregnant again, even though we are doing really well and just bought a house it seems that this baby is a mistake to her. This is just part of the hell she has been putting us through. I am trying to not let it effect me though because i don't want to have much negative feelings going on well pregnant.

Hope everyone is doing well though!

Tuesday Update

How far along are you 11 weeks 4 days

What symptoms are you experiencing? Complete Exhaustion. My husband is often out of town on work. My two boys are in pre-school for lots of the day but they have enough energy to fuel a small nation when they're home, and I'm still breast-feeding the 8 month old twins. So there's a lot on my plate right now.

Any Dr. appointments this past week? Nope.

Anything big happening in you personal life My husband and I gave up on finding a new house. We're going to be crowded here soon (we already are, really). But he's working too much and I have nothing left at any point in the day. We're hoping we don't regret giving up right now too much.

Any questions? Nope.

Any food cravings? Not really. I am eating a ton. I have to. I was dropping weight like crazy nursing the twins before I got pregnant. And so I'm under orders from my doctor to increase calories if I want to continue nursing. So far, so good since I am gaining again. But I kind of crave a time when I'm not force-feeding myself any more.

Tell us you favorite thing about your pregnancy this week. Ummmmmm. I guess you could say that I'm enjoying the fact that I am starting to look pregnant and not just thick in the middle.
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How far along are you? 11 weeks today!

What symptoms are you experiencing? Nausea is gone, dizzyness comes and goes, I kind of thought that was all gone but NO! Fatigue is still there - A LOT.

How are you feeling? it's different every day. Mostly I feel a lot better but then I have a day like yesterday where my BP was really low again and I just laid on the couch all day. Only 2 more weeks of this before I get to this paradise land called 2nd trimester.

Any Dr. appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go?
Nope, I don't have another appt till mid-April.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, etc..) I have a job interview for a seasonal teaching job which would be great. I finished one freelance job and wish I had another one to work on right now. I'm pretty bored just sitting at home...at least it's getting nice outside.

Any questions you want to ask? Not really

Any food cravings? nope. Sometimes certain foods still turn me off but more then anything I can't eat much in one sitting. I get full so fast.

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week! I've enjoyed the past week of NO PUKING. It's been fantastic.

Share your belly pics! I still have not taken one, and I have a sort of bump now so I really should. Maybe for next week's post.